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Where To Get Your Matcha Fix In Brisbane

By Zoe Kirby - 05 Dec 2016

Matcha, despite its green, alien-looking colour (don’t be fooled!), is damn delicious, and nowhere near as freakydeaky as it looks Known for its exceptional nutritious value and nutty, earthy taste, it can be used in pretty much anything—creating some marvelously magic creations

We’ve found the best spots in Brisbane where matcha flavoured things can be devoured They’re a matcha made in heaven!

Sinmei Tea Room

James Street icon, Sinmei Tea Room will tantalise your matcha-craving tastebuds Recuperate from a big night with a virgin matcha mojito, and tuck in to a slice of green tea cake in the authentic ambience of a Japanese tea room Kawaii!

Passion Tree

We speak a lot of bingsoo, because it’s actually freaking awesome! Passion Tree does a lovely matcha flavoured bingsoo, plus other creative matcha desserts to strike your fancy Dig into their matcha mochi pancake; layered with cream and red beans, topped with matcha ice-cream and a matcha cone, swimming in a delicious white chocolate and green tea sauce, just don’t count your calories today!

Milani House of Gelato

Combining the best of Italy and Japan, Milani House of Gelato hits the nail on the head with their totally authentic matcha flavor gelato Their award-winning gelato is a must-visit no matter the occasion, and it’s definitely going to be your regs haunt for a matcha fix

This Korean dessert cafe is definitely one to add to the Brisbane dessert bucket list With a bingsoo menu big enough to suit any tastes or preferences, you can even bring along your non-matcha loving friends too! But we must say their matcha bingsoo is to die for…

Pineapple Express

Turns out, healthy can be delicious! Duck into Pineapple Express for a mid-week lunch to get you through to knock-offs Tuck into their green tea soba noodles cold, as a salad, or as a hot bone broth for when you need warming up! Accompany this with a steaming cup of green tea latte and you’ll be beaming with energy—not to mention nutrients!

Sonder Dessert

Sonder Dessert takes the cake for delicious and unique sweet treats It’s definitely worth the drive to Sunnybank Hills to enjoy the ambience of this Japanese tea house with a mate Order a cold brew matcha alongside a matcha green tea parfait for full match overload Maybe their matcha ice-cream float is more your jam Not only is everything really freaking delicious, each dish is beyond insta-worthy!

Bonsai Bontanika

A TUL staff fave, watch the world go by at Bonsai Botanika as you sip on a matcha latte and devour a 40% matcha flourless cake—the colour is stunning! There are a range of percentage cakes and treats on the menu (it’s sort of their thing), but we highly recommend 40%: it’s just the right amount of matcha… and cake… mmm

Just Soy Cafe

Another Sunnybank Hills favourite is Just Soy Cafe, renowned for their soy custard desserts and matcha milk tea This dessert haunt is the place to be for a taste of traditional Korean desserts; in particular the spectacular matcha syrup atop the soy bean custard Despite how it looks, trust us – it’s another matcha made in heavenBut we cant guarantee the same health benefits will be gained from consuming a plate of macarons.

Okonomi House

Specialising in traditional Japanese pancakes, okonomiyaki, Okonomi House also has a range of epic matcha desserts to top off your meal Dig in to a soft serve with a twist—you guessed it, it’s matcha flavoured!—or even a matcha green tea parfait… delish!

Sweet Treats Dessert Cafe

Head to the Sweet Treats for a matcha-filled breakfast or an evening dessert pit-stop We highly recommend their thick cut toast with matcha butter in the morning So simple, but oh so delicious For evening sugar highs, order the green tea creme brûlée, or the matcha brownie Or the matcha green tea panna cotta Okay, so you might need a couple of trips…

We’re all fans of froyo, especially on a sweltering Brisbane summer’s day But what’s better than froyo? Matcha froyo of course! Enjoy a cup full of icy, creamy matcha goodness topped with your favourite fruit or chocolate treats for an afternoon snack or mid-morning pick me up

For more Asian dessert goodness, read our picks of Brisbane's best Asian desserts Bingsoo for days!

Image credit: Sinmei Tea Room by Ariana Gillrie

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