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Watermelon Beet Juice

Try watermelon beet juice this summer! It’s refreshing and full of nutrients Naturally sweet and hydrating this ruby colored homemade juice is perfect for hot summer days!

Guys, I hope you will give this watermelon beet juice a go before the summer is over!

If you follow my blog you know I love juicing Nothing tastes better than freshly made juices They are so refreshing and nutritious! I also love the fact that I can add whatever ingredients (see fruits and veggies) I have on hand and create something fresh and tasty!

Did you know that beets are perfect for juicing? Believe it or not I was not a huge fan of them before I started juicing them The key here is adding just the right amount so you don’t find them overpowering Also beets health benefits are worth mentioning here Heart, liver, stamina… Beets do wonders to our body

Now pair beets with watermelon and you get a super juice! One of the watermelon health benefits is helping our bodies recover after a workout and reducing muscle soreness Isn’t that great?

How to juice watermelon and beets:

Preparing watermelon for juicing can be done within minutes I usually cut it in quarters first Then I take one quarter and place it the flesh side down so that the green skin is away from me (I am facing the flesh) Now with a large knife I slice it so I get triangular shaped pieces

When you have done the prep this way, now you just cut off the green parts Easy-peasy

To prepare the beets for juicing I highly recommend using gloves If you don’t have gloves, use plastic bags instead (that’s what I do when I run out of gloves) Otherwise you will end up with purple hands

Once you have done your prep, throw everything in your juicer and in a few minutes you will be rewarded with a glass of this refreshing watermelon beet juice!

So you see juicing watermelon and beets is not difficult at all!

  • 25 lb Watermelon (12kg)
  • 2 Medium Beets
  • Lemon (optional)
  • Mint + Thin Watermelon Wedges (optional)

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I don’t have a juicer – there’s only so much room in my pantry… do you have another way to juice? I was thinking blending in the blender or cuisinart and straining

You can use a blender for the watermelon, but I would not use it for the beets Maybe if you cooked them first I made some juices with cooked beets as well But I still process them in a juicerMake the most of it in this light and summery salad where its just barely wilted. However, if you just strained it, you should be fine

this is absolutely gorgeous! You are so right, using fresh, in-season fruit makes it the best flavors Perfect timing for this juice!

Looks super refreshing and that colour is amazing!

So refreshing! I love drinks like this!

Wow! Healthy and refreshing Can’t wait to make this and watermelons are just starting to come in

Let me now what you think! 🙂

Man, I don’t care for beets but this drink looks amazing

First of all, I love your color scheme for this post, the background really makes the red color of the beverages pop Soooo, pretty

Second, even though I don’t care for beets, this recipe makes me want to try them again

Beets are like sushi right? An inquired taste? I figure if I keep trying them, eventually I’ll love them

🙂 Thank you, Christina! I absolutely agree with you Beets are totally like sushi It had taken me many tries until I actually enjoyed both Hope you will too!

That’s such a stunning vibrant colour! Never tried that combo before but I’m so intrigued by it! must give it a go soon 😀

The color is amazing, isn’t it? 🙂

Seriously gorgeous! I love beets, but I hadn’t thought of combining them with watermelon! Sounds interesting!

It’s a great flavor combo, Melissa! 🙂

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