L arginine vs l carnitine*

L arginine vs l carnitine

No: It doesn't, at least not consistently

Carnitine (Definition)

Carnitine is a quaternary ammonium compound biosynthesized from the Amino Acids lysine and methionine In living cells, it is required for the transport of fatty acids from the cytosol into the mitochondria during the breakdown of lipids (fats) for the generation of metabolic energy It is widely available as a nutritional supplement Read more

Neither: Neither product will lead you to any real or lasting weight loss Read more

Safe, useless: You are a grown man now, Tony These are placebos If you are having premature ejaculation, your physician can help If you are not getting good erections with your favorite partner / pictures / ideas, you need a medical check If things are basically working, the key is building the relationship and your skills with your whole body Read more

Arginine: Is something your body normally makes, but you can be deficient if you don't have enough of the building blocks Symptoms of deficiency include poor wound healing, hair loss, skin rash, constipation, and fatty liver There is some evidence it may be useful for claudication (pain in your legs with exercise due to poor circulation) It's used for lots of other things, but without good evidence Read more

Unlikely: Assuming that the source of the l-arginines that you are considering are reliable, then this is a basic Amino Acid which should be the same whatever the source There is always a risk with unregulated products like this that you are getting less than the label says, or some hopefully benign adulterant to save money for the manufacturer Read more

Doubt it: At a listed age of 19, your growth centers are likely closed and no further linear growth would be expected An x-ray of your wrist and hand could be reviewed for open growth centers, but if they show closure you are finished growing taller If open, a balanced diet, proper rest and regular exercise will support proper growth Diet supplements or hormone injections only help those with deficiency Read more

L arginine: L-arginine has been studied along with pycnogenol in men with erectile dysfunction, and found to help a significant percentage of them have normal erections Www Ncbi Nlm Nih Gov/pubmed/12851125 Read more

L arginine: Not recommended because we don't know the long term effects of l arginine Read more

Yes: There are no interactions thete

Safety, unclear need: L-arginine is a dietary supplement It is made by the body, but is used as a supplement in various adult disorders No specific indications have been identified in chidlren and adolescents, and it is a substance that, in overdose, can cause brain edema and even deathCarnitine Definition Carnitine is a quaternary ammonium compound biosynthesized from the Amino Acids lysine and methionine. Oberdose is easier in children because of their smaller size So, no clear value and possible risk: not a good combination Read more

Probably yes: Pycnogenol is known for its wide array of health benefits Primarily taken as a food supplement, it can dramatically increase overall wellbeing when introduced into a daily diet regimen The positive side effects run the gamut from sexual health to anti-aging to cancer fighting Arginine can interact with many different medications, including viagra, (sildenafil) zantac and even over-the-counter drugs Read more

Unknown: All meds & supplements have potential side effects, and usually it's a pretty long list of potential but uncommon side effects Side effects are not always dose dependent, so even 1 dose can sometimes cause Just b/c it's a supplement doesn't mean no risk I discuss w/ my pts about doing a risk-benefit analysis before starting a new tx Read more

Effective for cold: Sores by mouth, if taken early enough, and is an amino acid, so it's relatively safe to take Seem to be a popular home remedy However, if you are using for something else, then it may or may not be effective depending on the diagnosis So, if it's in the groin area, it may not be as effective Make sure your pcp can check your area of concern to diagnose it and treat it quickly Read more

L-arginine: It appears that l-arginine in low doses may be safe but has not been systematically tested in children and teens Possible side effects include low blood pressure and bronchospasm (wheezing, breathing problems) which can be dangerous Read more

Here are some L-Arginine is commonly included in many brands of supplements touted for enhancing erection, which usually have Yohimbine - the chief ingredient for helping erection through central nerve effect In reality, l-arginine effect for erection is still not clearly defined Note the cause for ED is always multiple and no single agent can boot but potentially help improve erection depending on existing Read more

L-arginine: Me too Lets do 2nd opinion so I can help Read more

Maybe not To assess if one's erections have weakened, he should visit a primary doctor, who can check for possible causes: stress, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, low testosterone, artery disease, high cholesterol, smoking, older age, etc Causes found can be treated to help make erections stronger, firmer, longer lasting A urologist can evaluate Meds like viagra, cialis, or Levitra (vardenafil) may help Read more

Helps ED: At sufficient dosing, there is an effect on male sexual abilities, and this otc approach would be far cheaper than cialis, viagra, (sildenafil) etc But need to take on empty stomach, and at sufficient dosing Read more

Generally safe: 25 grams of L-arginine twice a day is within safe limits based on available research The best way to lose fat is to eat healthy foods (including plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes), exercise moderately (too vigorously, and you may get too hungry according to recent studies), and take care of your emotional health ("what's eating you" could be why you don't always eat right) Read more

Waste of money: You are most likely to reach your tallest potential height by following a healthy diet, getting appropriate sleep & and remaining physiclly active Nothing you eat or drink will add inches No exercise will make you taller You can stunt your growth by the opposite, poor diet/sleep/inactivity can all take a toll At 17 you are likely near the end of your growth phase Read more

A fool and his money: Are soon parted-an old parable but as true today as the day it was written Many search for fixes to issues that are long term and have no treatment You will be as tall as your genes allow, and not more No special diet, exercise, shots, etc will change that Most males stop growing at 17 An x-ray of your wrist/hand can tell if you have open growth centers and could grow more If closed, you are done Read more

Wouldn't recommend: Protein supplementation is not the greatest idea in teens It really is much better for them to get their nutrition through food intake These supplements are not well regulated and one can never be sure you are taking what they say Also, protein supplements are stressful to developing kidneys If you teen is wrestler, body builder it is best to get the protein with meats, eggs, dairy, nuts Read more

L-arginine: Can help with gaining muscle but not specifically for weight gain Read more

Unknown: L-arginine has been used safely for up to 3 months There are no long term studies to verify safety for long term use Read more

Studies unclear: As whether is any benefit, one study which showed benefit resulted in patients who were Nitric Oxide deficient Read more

Depends: For congestive heart failure: doses range from 6-20 grams per day, as three divided doses For chest pain (angina pectoris): 3-6 grams three times per day for up to one month For preventing the loss of the effectiveness of Nitroglycerin (angina pectoris): 700 mg four times daily For organic erectile dysfunction (ed): 5g taking lower doses might not be effective Read more

Yes: Of course Ginseng is a general tonic that can raise testosterone levels and enhance male sexual function

L-arginine is an amino acid with many benefits including raising nitric oxide levels, thus dilating blood vessels and enhancing erections, sometimes called

Nature's Viagra These are often combined (along with other ingredients) in supplements for male health They can work synergistically Read more

Unknown: At this time there insufficient evidence to show a positive relationship between L arginine supplementation and improvements in athletic performance / strength It is found naturally in the food you eat (meats) At this time, I'd save your money over using it as a supplement Read more

Not so easy or Simpl: You can not be doctoring her without knowing much of anything about human body and how it functions Who told you that arginine can be helpful to her to increase her height? Let her seek help from a proper doctor and you stay out of such medical matters Read more

Levocarnitine (Definition)

Levocarnitine is a metabolic agent which is a kind of nutritional or metabolic agent Read more