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Top 10 Muscle Building Supplements

Start with our list of the best supplements for getting stacked and you can’t go far wrong This list is based on our visitors ratings and reviews

Optimum 100% Whey Protein – All Natural Whey Protein From Gold

Whey protein comes from dairy It is an essential body building nutrient that the body needs to function optimally With Optimum’s Standard Gold 100% Whey you can be sure this essential body building nutrient is exceptionally pure Gold Standard has formulated unadulterated whey protein and packed it into every serving This product has been boosting workouts for years

USPLabs Jack3d Extra Drive & Power Work Out Supplement

The good thing about this product as many users claim is its ability to fight exhaustion after a rigorous work out For amateurs in body building, this product is not recommended The ability of Jack3d to boost and significantly increase the drive, power, endurance and speed is good for those who have learned to control these features before, during and after work outs Used by more professional body builders, Jack3d comes in different formulations and flavors Prices are relatively cheap The 250 gram container is sold at only $2699, good for 45 servings The 3-bottle combo stands at $7695

Optimum Opti-Men – Optimal Health For Men

Opti-Men is formulate to supplement the nutritional requirements of active men and not intended to modify the dietary requirements of the body It still has to be taken with food Caution is given to those who have allergies to oysters and similar products Optimum is known for the lowest nutritional supplements Opti-Men can be bought at $1300 for 90 tablets and only $2399 for 180 tablets Most of the product users claimed to have positively responded to Opti-Men for their nutritional supplementary needs especially those who are engaged in muscle building

Optimum 100% Casein Protein – Energy Throughout The Day

This is just a supplement and not intended to replace natural dietary sources While it delays protein digestion, casein proteins are not really essential for those who are not into any intensive and rigorous physical activities like body building Muscles during intensive physical and athletic training are prone to damages The ability of Optimum Casein Protein with Glutamine becomes essential after the activity Optimum products are considered the cheapest in the market for body building supplements The product has been rated well at 88 Users have spoken positively about Optimum body building supplements If you are considering Optimum Casein Proteins, make sure you have the approval of your physician

BSN NO-Xplode – Supply Your Body With Stamina & Mental Energy

The intake of BSN No-explode before any physical training happens, the body reacts instantaneously and instinctively However, this product should not be taken without the benefit of physical activities that will take place after the intake Caution is given to users without any medical advise The product comes in 3 packaging: 10, 20 and 50 servings It has been awarded as the Muscle Builder Product of the Year from 2005 to 2009, Nitric Oxide Product of the Year from 2005 to 2010 and Pre-Workout Supplement of the Year for 2010

Optimum Essential AmiNO Energy – Energy Boosters For Great Pumps

Product users have several taste options and packages It is highly recommended to be taken with the regular natural body building diet and not a stand alone product Intensive trainings can suck your energy and damage muscles, the digestive system as well AmiNO Energy builds muscles, and protects the intestines from free radicals Many have found the advantage of taking in AminOEnergy along with energy boosting fruits and vegetables even during workouts It surely packs the muscles tightly without straining the other body systems Recommended to promote nitric oxide production NO is an essential nutrient in many bodily process for optimum health

USPlabs OxyELITE Pro – Build The Abs And Release Those Fats

OxyELITE Pro comes in pack of 90 capsules sold at $4198 and the 2-Bottle combo at $7995 Compared with other fat burners, this product has been recommended by many users due to its efficacy and great thermogenic action However, without proper diet and physical exercise, no supplement is as good It has been awarded as 2010 Best Fat Loss Supplement OxyELITE Pro has captured the attention of gym enthusiasts and body builders alike because of its distinctive and highly effective thermogenic action The competition of fat burner supplements is stiff but the precise proprietary formula of OxyELITE Pro, fat burning is healthier

MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series – Rip Your Muscles To The Max

Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series comes in liquid capsules in quantities from 30 to 210 per bottle Intake of the supplements should be done in progression It is highly recommended to follow instructions to achieve best results It is not to be taken with other caffeine-based products because its caffeine content for every 2 capsules taken is already equivalent to 3 cups of coffee Seek professional medical advise or consult your doctor before carrying out any weight loss diet and plans, including supplements Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series must be taken with water A healthy diet along with Hydroxycut, the goal can be achieved

Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump250 – Pre-Work Out Stimulant

Prior to intake of SuperPump250, doctor’s advise must be sought For first timers, a gradual progression in dosage should be made to allow the body to adjust to it This should be taken with small meals for better assimilation This product is a stimulant, hence, caution should be considered Do not take with other stimulants as this can cause sleeplessness It comes in several flavors and packages – from single stick pack to 20-20 gram packetsElevated nitric oxide levels increase satellite cell proliferation which is part of building new muscle cells, improve blood flow by relaxing the blood vessels, and increase the efficiency of mitochondria. Also available in 280 and 800 gram packs Body builders can have maximum performance with this supplement in addition to the most desirable roadmap vascularity

BSN Syntha-6 – Ultra Premium Protein

Because it is digested well, Syntha-6 does not leave a heavy feeling on the tummy, allowing you to go energized throughout the day Most users love the great tasting shake, with water or milk Recommended for morning and evening use Daily intake is good however dosage must consider body weight and mass Syntha-6 is good for lean mass development It should be taken with a balanced diet and exercise The supplement is not intended to replace natural protein requirements that the body needs for muscle development As a supplement, caution must be exercised for existing physical conditions that may be adversely affected by using this product